Issue 35 on sale Saturday

30 Mar

Issue 35

A sense of super efficiency has overtaken the All At Sea team this month, and as a result we’ve managed to squeeze out one more fanzine – our last of the season – which will go on sale before the Aldershot game.
Squeezing it out doesn’t really do it justice – we’ve had some fantastic contributions this month. Mark Duell tells what it is like to be a Southend fan in New York, Pete Baker recalls a time when a chairman resigned over a new stadium (wishful thinking now), and we look at the call to reintroduce terracing with Piers Hewitt recalling his top three terrace ‘mentals’ and Martin Cass arguing the case for safe standing.
If that were all, it would be top value for £1, but we’ve also got an exclusive interview with Harry Crawford, reports of recent matches as well as a guide for those of you planning to go to away matches between now and the end of the season.
Also Ed Beavan will be asking the question on everybody’s lips – whatever did happen to Jeff Allen, former Roots Hall MC?
You can buy All At Sea from our sellers outside the club shop in Victoria Avenue and on Shakespeare Drive from 1.45pm on Saturday.


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