All At Sea summer survey launched!

14 Jun

ALL At Sea has launched it’s first ever summer survey designed to get fans views on the fanzine, the podcast, Southend United and the game of football in general.
The survey is 40 questions long and takes about five-ten minutes to complete. The results will be featured in the first fanzine of next season and on this website.
Please continue to support the fanzine by taking the survey, whether you are a regular reader or not at all.


One Response to “All At Sea summer survey launched!”

  1. Bruce James June 14, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    Great Fanzine guys and great survey although I found some of the multiple choice answers didn’t fit my feelings! Can I restart the ‘anthem’ debate? I know its been done but I accept responsibility for starting it all off about two years when, apparently, after a long drawn out competition, we all voted for ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ – what a rousing theme that turned out to be and not heard at the Hall since?! The anthem quest started after I e-mailed Brian Wheeler just before he left the club and suggested the club use I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDE as the Blues anthem. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a copy of it and even though i sent him one they never used it. I remember singing it on the North Bank back in the 70s [with adjusted lyrics] and as one of only four clubs alonggside Blackpool, Brighton & Bournemouth that can strictly be called ‘Seaside Resort’ Clubs it would fit the club perfectly! Any thoughts guys?

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