Blues fans lack faith in Martin’s stadium predictions

5 Jul

SOUTHEND supporters do not believe that a new stadium at Fossetts Farm will be delivered this year, according to a survey conducted by All At Sea.
When asked ‘do you believe Southend will ever move to Fossetts Farm?’ just 10 per cent of respondents so far answered ‘yes, soon’.
Almost 60% believe the club will move to the stadium eventually, while 20% feel the move will never come to fruition.
8.7% said they would rather not move.
In addition, 65 per cent of fans claim they are worried by the prospect of playing in a three-sided stadium, while just two per cent believed a fourth side would be built straight after the completion of the rest of the project.
The pessimistic answers come as chairman Ron Martin claimed in the Southend Echo that he hopes work on site will start in December.
Mr Martin added that the purchase of Victoria Avenue properties by Sainsbury’s, and the purchase of the Boots and Laces training ground by the club had yet to be completed, but work on the initially three-sided ground could start without those purchases being complete.
The next stage is to apply for planning permission for the 8,000-seat main stand, which will only be built when the funds are in place to do so.
Take the survey by clicking here.
The survey is still open for responses and results will be published on the website and in the first fanzine of the new season.

Fossetts Farm

Plans for the new stadium


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