There were tears

13 Mar

I don’t know what Tilly would have done if he had come any closer.
Paul Brush took him in a sympathetic headlock when Steve Tilson came within 50 yards of the 1,200 Southend fans who had come to say their goodbyes.
Because the emotion was clearly too much for the greatest man South Essex has ever produced.
He may have leapt ten yards in the air when Ashley Grimes cut in to score the winning goal for his side. His monkey was off his back. Because for all those away fans who felt he would never do it, he suffered horribly at the hands of his chairman. The man he thought he knew, he could trust. It proved otherwise, hence his decision to avoid shaking hands with Ron Martin on the day. His vindication was a 2-1 victory today. Arguably an inferior side, it may be poetic justice for Tilson that he stopped any Southend march to the playoffs.
But despite the banner proclaiming “Tilson is an imp” behind the goal, his post-match touch of class showed to all that saw it.
He took the centre stage, he won, and yet he nearly crumbled because 1,200 Southend fans took the time and money to say thankyou. It was a real football moment.


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