Fanzine update: April 2012

4 Apr

FIRSTLY an apology to our loyal readers. All At Sea has not been published since November due to a variety of factors, mainly personal.
Rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated.
However, it is looking unlikely that an issue will be out before the end of the season. There is a possibility, should Southend end up in the play-off final at Wembley, that a short-notice special edition could be produced. This will obviously not be confirmed until mid-May.
We would like to reassure subscribers that we have not collected up their cash and gone on a massive spending spree in Westfields. We have a record of all subscriptions and these will continue as normal whenever a new issue is brought out. However we do understand if people would like a refund on part of their subscription, and if this is the case, please e-mail us at
With co-editor Ed moving to India in January, it is proving a tricky task to produce the fanzine at the moment. However, offers of help have been received and we will be carrying on in 2012/13 regardless of division.
Apologies again, but we’ll see you soon.


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